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      Kia Motors Philippines

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      If the city makes you feel young and alive, and you're eager to explore new places, you've found a soul mate in the Picanto.
      It may be small, but it's roomy inside, and it's full of big ideas.

      The New Kia Stinger

      The new paradigm of Gran Turismo.

      High performance, supreme comfort. Rarely has a new car brought both of these extremes together so seamlessly.
      The Stinger is a car you can dream about all night and drive all day.

      The all-new Kia Forte

      Take the wheel of the stylish new Kia Forte and start your day feeling invigorated, relaxed and capable of anything.


      “Wow” is no longer optional.
      “Wow” now comes standard.


      Built for Life's Adventures.

      Explore a world of possibilities with the new Kia Sportage.

      Every day is an exciting journey with the new Kia Sportage. Redesigned to suit every driver
      across the board, this compact crossover boasts of an R-2.0L in-line 4 e-VGT CRDi DOHC engine
      and 6-speed automatic transmission with Shiftronic and Shiftlock modes—giving you the power
      to conquer what lies ahead. Feel the comfort when you’re in control with its driver-oriented
      design, and experience the safety and convenience of its keyless entry, burglar alarm feature,
      and electronic engine immobilizer system. Because no matter what path you choose in life,
      nothing comes between you and your next adventure.


      A commanding presence. Advanced technology that drives you forward. The new Kia Sorento
      stands out from the SUV crowd – and it’s here in a new 4x2 variant with 8-speed transmission
      to get you further.

      We live in a world where mobility faces a great challenge: to merge all of speed and space,
      economy and performance, comfort and action, power and sophistication. No need to fret.
      The nimble and balanced Kia Sorento has arrived to save the day.

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